Cansav Soft is a young and innovative Italian company, was founded in 2010 and aims to become a ferimen to re-design and development of mobile solutions for Android devices.

Android is the operating system for mobile devices created by Google, the main anatgonista IOS operating system created by Apple. The difference between the two systems is that while iPhone OS works only on Apple devices, Android can be installed on various devices as an open source.

In recent years, several applications have been created by the team Cansav Soft, either free or for payment, available from this site or through Google's store in the Play link
The themes are varied, but the main applications are developed in the health care, in collaboration with doctors and nurses. These applications have been implemented trying to satisfy all richiesete and operational needs.


We are always looking for new partnerships for the development of new ideas in any amibito.
Have an idea and would like to see it working on your Android device? Send an e-mail via our contact page.








Cansav Soft